Just like women, our shirts come in a variety of sizes. Our designers and manufacturers each have their own fit models, each of whom is unique (like us). We will do our best to give you an idea of the size we think might work for you based on our own experience as well as with our customers. If you have any additional questions drop us a line or call and we'll see if we can make a recommendation. 

General Sizing Suggestions:

Claridge and King Boyfriend Shirts: Oversized through the shoulders and bust. Trimmer fit through the hips and rear. If you are in between sizes we suggest you choose one size down. If you carry extra weight in your stomach or hips we don't usually recommend sizing down. Boyfriend shirts are also long, although slightly shorter than previous seasons, with an average back length of 32"
Claridge and King Fitted Shirts: Designed to fit closer to the body. If you are in between sizes we suggest choosing one size up, particularly if you are busty or have wide shoulders. Sizing up also works well if you are petite but would like the Boyfriend Shirt look. 
Need more particulars? Check out:

Frank & Eileen: Frank and Eileen shirts vary quite a bit in size by body style. Some are very oversized, while others fit close to the body. We often find our customers prefer to size up or down in F&E. Please take into consideration any special fit notes we may listed for that individual style.

  • Eileen - Our best-selling F&E style. Most of our customers take at least one size down - this style tends to run big. It's wider than the Frank but not as wide/boxy as the Silvio. 
  • Joedy - A longer, boyfriend style shirt. Tends to run big - most of our customers can size down if they want a trimmer look. If you desire the "boyfriend shirt" look, we recommend sticking to your normal size
  • Silvio - The shortest shirt in length with a wide, boxy fit. Many of our petite customers love this style!
  • Frank - A trimmer version of the Eileen shirt. Most customers wear their true size or even take one size up. 
  • Shirley - A generously over-sized boyfriend style. Most of our customers can take 1-2 sizes down. 

International Sizing: We source our shirts from all over the globe. Some of our shirts are tagged with French sizing while others may be Italian. The sizes listed on the shirt's drop down menu will show the Euro sizing followed by the American size.

Fitted Shirts: Designed to fit closer to the body. Many of our fitted shirts are also listed as European Fit, which is a trimmer fit overall. Proportions will be slightly smaller in general than American sizing. We find many of our customers do best by choosing one size up.

Relaxed Fit: Designed not to hug your body, you can usually stick with your usual size. If the fit is also a bit oversized or perhaps fitted in a specific area we will note that in the individual item description. 

Long: We consider a shirt to be Long if it covers your rear and has a longer front length as well. We find this TAG helpful when you are looking for something you can wear with leggings or perhaps as a cover up. Some of our petite customers can wear long styles as dresses. It is not a Tall and it does not imply sleeve length. 

Drop Tail: The back hem is longer than the front. Drop tails will usually cover your rear but because of the shorter front length they may not work well with leggings unless you are petite. They do usually look great with skinnies or fitted pants. If you would like a measurement, drop us a note or give us a call and we'll measure your size.


International Size Chart

This will give you a general idea of sizes. Please use this as a guide only and be sure to refer to each item's size suggestions to choose the right size for you.



Most of our shirts are machine wash/hang dry unless noted. Always check the manufacturers label before washing or dry cleaning.

Jewelry Care

Exposure to water, perfume, hairspray, lotion and other similar elements is not recommended and can change the appearance of natural stones and finishes. Jewelry should not be worn in the shower, the pool or to the gym.