Obi Slim Belt Collection

Our collection of Obi Belts are designed and manufactured in Canada by Brave. Each piece is custom made to order and reflects the unique qualities of the leather used. Brave is committed to creating beautiful products from ethically sourced leather.

The Obi Slim is a variation of our original Obi Belt. The Slim is a good option if you require the versatility of a narrower belt. It's also a good choice if you are short waisted, busty, or find it hard to wear wide belts in general.

We've shown it tied in a bow (nude) and if you need a little extra room, reversed and tied in a bow (black). 

Obi Slim Belts are one size fits most. Approximately 75" long and 2.25" wide at the widest point. Each belt is unique and may vary slightly in both size and color.

$ 88.00

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Nude Obi Slim belt
Gray Obi Slim Belt
Leather Obi Slim Belt
Obi Slim Belt Backwards
Leather Obi Slim Belt
Obi Slim Belt Collection