Cotton Notes

by L. Isler | February 15, 2017

We love shopping online, but we also miss the ability to use our sense of touch.
At Shirtini every shirt we sell must pass a touch test. We have no use for rough, scratchy fabrics. Conversely, we're head over heels for a soft finish, so you can be confident your purchase will be pleasing to the touch.
We love linen, cashmere, and an occasional silk, but for the most part, cotton rules our world and the variety of weaves can leave you wondering...
...What's the difference between royal oxford and pinpoint oxford? Is there a crown involved? If so, I definitely want that one. So we did a little research and here are our notes:
  • Poplin: A lightweight tightly woven weave with a smooth crisp finish. Well suited for dress shirts.
  • Oxford: Available in a variety of weights and finishes (see below) although frequently associated with the heavier weight cloth that looks casually chic when left wrinkled.
  • Pinpoint Oxford: A mix between poplin and oxford. Pinpoint is smoother than a traditional oxford cloth and not as heavy. Balancing between casual and professional.
  • Royal Oxford: A lightweight textured weave with a slight sheen and soft wrinkle resistant finish.  A bit more comfortable in a formal setting than it's oxford cousins.
  • Piqué: A raised weave in a geometric design for added texture. Piqué fabrics vary in weight from light to heavy. Although natural wrinkle resistant, piqué patterns were originally created to hold the starch required for white tie events.
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