What's your perfect shirt?

| August 31, 2015

The perfect shirt is the shirt that fits you.

In a perfect world there would be one shirt that looks fabulous on everyone. I'ld only sell one shirt. We would have enough room in the shop to set up a Shirtini Bar. We would serve Champagne Shirtinis. We wouldn't need the dressing room, because we know it fits. Maybe we could use the space for a Legging Bar. We would only sell one pair of perfect leggings. 
But instead we aren't perfect, we are each unique and that is also what makes us beautiful.

 .Both unique and beautiful, fashion blogger and Refinery 29 contributor Laura Ruof found her perfect shirt at Shirtini: The Great White Shirt from Claridge and King.

What's your perfect shirt?

Photo: Call To Style

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 Shop: The Great White Shirt

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